Alexa, How Did You Take Over The World So Quickly?

What is Alexa and what can Amazon Echo do?
Back in 2014, Amazon introduced us all to Echo smart speakers that came with a personal assistant named Alexa. There were a lot of mixed reactions about this cylindrical, bizarre-looking device, capable of responding to human commands.
Some were skeptical it may be a teaser for a terrifying movie where AI would soon take over the world, while some took it as the next big step toward technological advancement. We don’t know which of these do you belong to, but Alexa is here and we’re almost living in ‘her’ world.
Well, who wouldn’t love having a personal assistant that would do everything around the house upon a single voice command? We know, we would. Alexa is one of the brilliant technological breakthroughs out there. It supports 8 languages. Whether you’re seeking support in English or Hindi, Alexa will have the answer.

Time For a Little Background

Alexa is a personal assistant that activates on voice-command. It controls various systems in your house and also does daily tasks for you. ‘Hey Alexa, play some music!’ – you know, something like that.
Alexa resides on the cloud. It soaks up all the information and keeps it safe to fetch you an accurate response later on. If you’re obsessed with the latest ‘smart’ technology, then bringing Alexa home would be a worthy investment. Remember when we mentioned that Alexa controls other systems? Well, it does that by tapping into other smart devices in your home. For instance, you can connect your Philips Hue set up with Alexa and control the lights in your house by just using your voice.
The success of Alexa has given Amazon all the more reason to keep moving further. The tech giant has several other Alexa-enabled products under its belt, including earbuds, a smart ‘ring’, an alarm clock, and smart glasses to top it all off. All you need is a strong internet connection and you can ask your Alexa-enabled device to do things like dialing Spectrum phone number for you. (for ESP users, Numero de Spectrum)

Already Have Alexa? Here are Some Essential Voice Commands You Can Use

Before we get to learning the useful Alexa commands, here’s something you should know. You first need to wake your device up. By default, Alexa’s wake word is the name itself. So, if you want to turn off the light in your room, a simple ‘Hey Alexa, lights off’ should do.
If you’ve recently bought an Alexa-enabled device, these are some commands that you may find useful:

For Setting Alarms & Timers

Alexa set a 30-minute timer and name it ‘brownies’ – Best for when you’re in the kitchen. No need to bust out your fancy kitchen timer.
Alexa, how much time is left? – This command updates you on the remaining time on your timer. Perfect to check how your brownies are coming along.
Alexa, cancel the timer – This command stops the timer before it completes.
Alexa set an alarm for 7 AM – This command sets a recurring alarm clock.
Alexa, stop – This command will stop the timer or the alarm that you’ve set.

Random Queries

Alexa, what’s the spelling of (insert word) – It’s okay if you can’t spell words like Maneuver or conscience. Ask Alexa to spell it for you
Alexa, how many inches are in one kilometer? – Alexa is quick and super-precise at converting quantities. Whether it is ‘pounds to kilograms’ or ‘centimeters to feet’, Alexa will take care of all that.
Alexa, what is 7% of 250? – Alexa even has your back with common mathematical problems.
Alexa, flip a coin – Don’t have a coin in your pocket? It’s okay. Simply ask Alexa to flip a coin for you. Heads or tails, that’ll be your luck!
Alexa, remember the Spectrum phone number (for ESP users Spectrum telefono) It’s okay if you don’t have a pen and paper on you. Simply ask Alexa to memorize the number for you.

News & Weather Updates

Alexa, what’s the news? – You can specify your favorite news source in the settings and Alexa will play the news for you in a more comprehensive way.
Alexa, what’s today’s weather? – Check the weather info about the following day or the weekend. You can also ask about the weather in a certain location.


Alexa is a part of roughly 40 million American households. In years to come, the use of Alexa-enabled smart products will continue to increase globally. No wonder, it took Alexa less than a decade to take over the world. Let’s see, what comes next!