Best eCommerce marketing strategies to amplify your business growth in 2021

Experiential Messenger marketing is a direct and faster technique of marketing that can benefit a range of clients from eCommerce stores to businesses across multiple industries with an online presence. The technique increases inbound customers, improves engagement, acquires leads, and can be utilized for follow-ups. Essentially, it is a compact yet powerful marketing strategy that is accurate and affordable. Along with Facebook ads, and hyper-local ads, the method is proving to be a hit with almost 80{f13b67734a7459ff15bce07f17c500e58f5449212eae0f7769c5b6fbcf4cc0c4} open rates and 25{f13b67734a7459ff15bce07f17c500e58f5449212eae0f7769c5b6fbcf4cc0c4} CTR within the first 60 min of implementation. Moreover, conversational messenger marketing is like 24/7 super customer support, with the potential for 3-5 times higher conversation rates on Facebook Ads.