Could an accounting app be the end of your romance with your accountant?

Do you hear that whooshing seem? That’s your blood rushing by means of your veins as your coronary heart pounds desperately. 

Your palms are sweaty, you cannot look to breathe. You know you need to open the envelope, but you are worried… “The Workplace of the Commissioner for Revenue”. You last but not least get the job done up the courage, but your coronary heart sinks at how a lot tax you owe. You marvel if it’s even well worth being self-used and you sense like there is absolutely nothing you can do. Or is there? 

Learn the accounting app that helps make tax time significantly less stress filled 

Binderr, Malta’s initial accounting application, makes accounting effortless. Whilst tax time could possibly never actually be fun, this accounting software removes the tension included. 

This software is the brainchild of the people who introduced Bolt to Malta and designed Time to Take in, Malta’s to start with e-commerce results.  

Now, they’ve resolved that it’s time to empower Maltese freelancers to take control of their funds.  

“We see an chance in changing how accounting is accomplished for every person. In a planet the place technological innovation is shifting so rapid, accounting however feels like the identical old headache it always utilised to be,” describes Jacob Appel, the startup’s CEO and founder.  

With a €1 million investment, Binderr have designed an accounting application that supplies a seamless and personalised expertise for each individual consumer.  

No longer will you be a slave to your accountant’s whims and pay back a fortune for the privilege. With Binderr, you are in manage and can derive real worth from your financials. 

How Binderr gives you back manage in excess of your finances 

Conveniently the most effective accounting software program in Malta for freelancers, Binderr turns accounting into some thing any individual can recognize.  

When it comes to organization finances, nothing at all is more significant than knowing precisely what’s likely on at any provided time. And practically nothing is more annoying and nerve-racking than dealing with an accountant who is gradual to provide you with the info you need to have. 

It’s easy to understand. A lot of accountants in Malta are swamped with work. So, they do not usually get to your accounts as promptly as you’d like. Absolutely not rapidly enough for you to see the condition of your finances as quickly as you incur an expense or challenge an invoice.  

Binderr is built to be certain that you can get an overview of your accounts at any time, together with observing impending (or overdue) tax returns.  

With a handful of faucets, you can obtain all the fiscal data you have to have about your organization. Even improved, it’s all up to day. 

Claim the most tax attainable with Binderr’s team of accountants 

Binderr isn’t just any application. It’s backed by a staff of specialised accountants that will test your returns and make positive you claim as substantially tax as probable.  

With the Binderr team firmly on your aspect you never ever yet again have to ponder if you are overpaying on your taxes.  

Really do not pass up out on costs you could have claimed 

Missing an price can be agonizing, simply because each and every cent adds up when it comes to your taxes. With Binderr, you snap a photo of your receipt and it is quickly allocated to your tax return generating confident you claim as substantially as attainable. 

This way, paperwork will also be a headache of the past. Now anything will be organised and stored securely in the app. 

Stop spending penalties for late payments 

As a freelancer, you’re frequently a one particular-man or woman clearly show. With so several duties to manage, it’s uncomplicated to overlook those important due dates, and we all know late payments incur penalties that can add up promptly.  

With Binderr, you now get alerts and notifications of your approaching tax deadlines and payments, so you’ll under no circumstances be late again.  

Be certain that you are generally compliant and have all your issues answered 

Binderr’s expert accountants in Malta manually overview all your receipts and allocate them to the good tax return.  

Also, you can talk to any question you like working with the in-app chat function, and their crew of accounting professionals will assistance.  

Conserve on accounting charges 

Let us be sincere. Accounting services never arrive affordable. When you also variable in the many other difficulties that crop up, you will possibly uncover you are spending a lot much more than you realised.  

Binderr is a far additional economical selection, and that is just primarily based on the true value. As soon as you incorporate matters like being able to see the condition of your funds at any time and the entry to a group of expert accountants, the worth gap becomes even much more sizeable.  

What else can Binderr do for you? 

Binderr will before long be providing their companies to little enterprises including management accounts, payroll, issuing of invoices and more. It won’t be long before Binderr becomes your just one-halt-shop for all your business finance demands. 

Now, consider what it will be like.  

Filing your taxes will be a breeze. You by now know how significantly you owe and that you’re spending as tiny as feasible, so that dreaded envelope will no longer terrify you. 

You’ll also no extended envy your peers when they brag about their good accountants. 

You’ll smile and tell them about the superb accounting application that’s modified your existence. And without having spending a fortune for the privilege.  

Binderr is much additional economical than accountants in Malta, even nevertheless it delivers so a lot more.  

If you’re ready to consider command of your funds and learn extra about how this accounting app can support you, obtain Binderr nowadays!