Different Types of Diamond Earrings Available on the Market Today

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Diamond earrings are one of the fascinations of women. Diamond earrings can add life to their get-up, especially on special occasions. However, if you are planning to buy a diamond earring better be familiar so you can have a more convenient shopping. Know the different types of diamond earrings and you can surely use this once you go shopping. 

Types of Diamond Earrings

Diamond Solitaire Earrings

This is a stud diamond earring with a simple design. It comes in many shapes, as always the round diamond is the most common diamond solitaire earring. However, if you want a more precise shape then you can go for a princess cut square diamond earring.

Diamond Drop Earring 

This type of earring hangs in the earlobe, it can be composed of one diamond on earth earring or can be more than one. Since it is not attached to the ear and can have some movement making the diamond sparkle more. This type of earring is ideal for special occasions since it can be eye-catching and match your formal attire or gowns.  

Diamond J-hoop Earrings

The j-hoop earrings come in a semi-circle shape and have an open back. It is called the j-hoop since the shape resembles that of the letter J in shape. It is almost similar to huggie earrings but they don’t extend around the ear. 

Diamond Huggie Earrings

They are called huggie earrings since they hug the ear when worn. It comes in a variety of designs and styles. Ts type of earring is secured in its location, so they can be worn in active events. You don’t need to worry if they might fall. 

Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Yes from the name alone these earrings look like chandeliers hanging on the ears instead of the ceilings. They consist of more than one diamond. They are ideal for occasions that need you to stand out since they are eye-catching and irresistible to appreciate. Wear them on special occasions and you will never stop hearing admiration from people around you. 

Which Diamond is Best for Earrings?

When choosing a diamond earring considering some factors can help you choose what fits you best:

Quality of Diamond 

Choosing the best diamond quality can be ideal to make your earrings last longer and of course, have a better appearance. Check on the 4cs of the diamond for our earring which includes the:

  • Color

Color grades that are nearly colorless grades can be a good choice since colorless ones are expensive and rare. The more colorless diamonds you can buy the better since each facet is like a tiny mirror that can make your earrings sparkle more if they are colorless. 

  • Clarity 

Each diamond has inclusions and they are considered flaws. Flawless diamonds are pricey and rare too so getting a diamond with the least inclusion can be good. However, the good thing about diamond earrings is that they won’t be looking at it up close so getting a lower clarity grade can be fine and you can save some bucks by doing so. 

  • Cut 

Get diamond earrings with an excellent cut since this and make them last longer as well as make them sparkle better. 

  • Carat Weight

The ideal carat weight for diamond earrings can be 0.5 carats or larger. This size is enough to show the beauty of your diamond earring. Invest in a good carat and be able to enjoy your diamond earrings. 

Choose a good Setting 

Determine whether you will be using your earring for special occasions only or everyday use. Then from there, you can determine what type of setting is ideal for your earrings. 

Choose an Earring Back 

Choose an earring back that can keep your diamond earrings in place and secured. You can ask for a recommendation from your jeweler, some earring backs can be more expensive but they are more secure and comfortable. 

Now that you have an idea of the different types of diamond earrings available on the market today, you can now start shopping and check on the diamond earrings at the nearest jewelry store. This way you can check the actual products as well as the quality of the diamonds. Be familiar with diamond earrings before you go shopping and you will surely pick the best one for you.