Hit It & Quit It with Brooke Daniels, Melanie Greenough, & Scott J. Miller » Succeed As Your Own Boss

Hit It & Quit It with Brooke Daniels, Melanie Greenough, & Scott J. Miller » Succeed As Your Own Boss

Hit It & Quit It with Brooke Daniels, Melanie Greenough, & Scott J. Miller 1200 x 1200Brooke Daniels has over a decade of experience in tech startups and venture capital, and she’s the director of Salesforce Ventures and CEO of Daniels + Co., a business strategy firm supporting entrepreneurs focused on maximizing profit and scalability. Brooke’s passion is supporting entrepreneurs and stemming business failure with a signature ready-a-launch system, which helps level up enterprises from startups to seasoned companies.

She has held corporate roles at Salesforce, Intapp, AT&T, and BMW financial services. For more information, head over to TheBrookeDaniels.com

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Melanie Greenough is a business coach who built and runs She’s Creating an Empire. She is the brainchild behind The CEOs Way and the CEO Business School. She specializes in helping women create profitable online businesses that they love. Melanie has gone from a homeless single mom to a multi-million-dollar earner. She’s a coach, an inspirational speaker, a best-selling author, and a highly sought-after business strategist known for her leadership and record-breaking sales results. Melanie has been featured in publications such as Success From Home and My Business From Home, to name a few. After overcoming addiction, abuse, and a difficult path, Melanie has learned the strategies and mindset required to help others go from surviving to thriving both on and offline. She focuses on teaching women worldwide how to tap into their inner millionista.

For more information, you can go to shescreatinganempire.com.  

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Scott Jeffrey Miller is a Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, and the Creator of Ignite Your Genius Career Coaching. He is the former CMO of the FranklinCovey Company, one of the world’s most influential leadership development firms. He now serves as a Special Advisor on Thought Leadership for FranklinCovey and hosts their podcast On Leadership. Scott keynotes for clients worldwide, writes a column for Inc. Magazine and is the author of the Mess to Success book series.

For more information, go to scottjefferymiller.com

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Three of my amazing guests – Brooke Daniels, Melanie Greenough, and Scott J. Miller – join me simultaneously for a fun, lighthearted, rapid-fire round of my favorite business questions.

We get their opinions on a few business tools, some old-school marketing tips, and some great books for aspiring business owners.

Listen to the podcast below:

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Fun, fast-paced round of questioning.
  • Our guests’ favorite podcasts.
  • Their favorite business app.
  • Their favorite old-school marketing tip.
  • Plus a few other questions about great resources for up-and-coming business leaders.

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