Sklar Wilton & Associates Named Recipient of 2022 Canadian Workplace Wellbeing Award in Small Business Sector.


We are honoured to announce that Sklar Wilton & Associates has been selected as the 2022 recipient of the Canadian Workplace Wellbeing Award within the Public/Private Sector Small Business category.  

The Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards (CWWA), presented by the Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA), aim to feature and celebrate Canadian organizations that are going the extra mile to nurture the mental health and wellbeing of their employees with excellent workplace wellbeing initiatives. 

“Organizations thrive when their employees thrive. Workplace wellbeing is essential to success and the pandemic has illuminated this fact. The CPPA launched the Wellbeing Awards to support, celebrate and knowledge-share incredible workplace wellbeing initiatives”, Dr. Jennifer Card, PsyD, MAPPCP, Co-Chair CWWA.

“We are incredibly grateful to receive this award for the 2nd consecutive year from an organization like CPPA who is leading the charge in promoting a more psychologically healthy society,” says Sarah Liverance, Partner at Sklar Wilton & Associates. “Recognition like this fuels our commitment to Headway, the workplace mental health movement we launched to honour our late founder, Luke Sklar. Headway aims to inspire business leaders to take real action to create healthier workplaces. We believe that’s a powerful way to populate the world with healthier humans.”

While changing workplace culture and improving employee wellbeing can be a daunting task, the CPPA believes companies who are taking this on are “changing the face and the future of workplace wellbeing and need to be identified, acknowledged, and celebrated.”

We wanted organizations to share their stories, their learnings, and successes as inspiration to others. To recognize that one size does not fit all and that there are so many meaningful little things that can be done that don’t cost a fortune. Our goal is to ensure this sharing and inspiration continues”. Wendy Parkes, Co-Chair CWWA

For more information on our Headway program, click here or email us at [email protected]

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