What Is a Page Builder In WordPress?

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Have you ever attempted to create a Contact Us page for your website? For example, you may need to include a form with empty blanks for the user’s email address, name and message. 

Also, you might want to add a map providing directions to your office, links to your support pages and information about your company. 

Even though the Contact Us page may seem like a simple element to create, it requires a considerable amount of formatting and coding and can be frustrating to complete without the best Website Builder tool. 

A Page Builder offered by hosting sites changes everything. Experienced developers can expedite the development process; even beginners no longer need to worry about dealing with messy code.

Page Builder Definition

A Page Builder is a plugin or a theme component that empowers users to structure and design responsive pages. 

With the help of a Page Builder tool or simple Website Builder, users can easily construct pages, even on complex websites, with minimal time, effort, and technical knowledge required.

Top Perks of Using a Page Builder or Website Builder Online

  1. No Need to Learn Coding

Building a website from scratch without a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress can be a lot of work. But, a Website Building platform eliminates much of that workload, making you more efficient. 

Nonetheless, you may still want to customise the appearance and layout of your content. This is where Page Builders come in, as they are specifically designed to assist you in achieving just that without requiring coding skills.

  1. Use Pre-Built Modules for Page Design

Page Builders offer an array of pre-built elements known as modules or blocks. These modules work similarly across different Page Builders. 

Typically, you begin by dividing the page into rows and then filling those rows with modules of your choice, selected from a list.

  1. Customise Your Website’s Style

Most page builders provide extensive customisation options for modules. You can modify various aspects of your website’s style, such as size, font, effects, etc. 

Although there may be a learning curve to familiarise yourself with the different modules and customisation settings, with some experience, you can create impressive pages.

  1. Faster Website Creation with Templates

Creating a website from scratch can take weeks or even months. However, the best Website Builder in India helps you accomplish the task in days or even hours if you’re familiar with the process. 

Furthermore, templates can further expedite the process by providing pre-built layouts for specific page types, giving you a head start in your design.

Key Takeaway

In recent years, Website Builders have undergone significant improvements and now provide a wide range of features that simplify creating websites. For example, with WordPress Page Builders, you no longer require programming skills to personalise your posts and pages. 

These extensions serve as alternatives or enhancements to the standard editor and offer many customisable building elements, such as galleries, buttons, and text areas. In addition, the elements can be easily assembled by using drag-and-drop functionality.

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