Why Choose Wavemaker Low Code Platform?

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With WaveMaker, developers can quickly and easily create and deploy enterprise-grade web and mobile apps without having to write any code. WaveMaker is the only low-code platform in the world to support both current microservices architectures and classic web apps. Traditional platforms for application development are unable to increase supply.

Low-code systems like Wavemaker Low code platform can help with it. Enterprises can easily and quickly create and deploy high-quality apps using Wavemaker, a popular low-code platform. Cloud-native applications can be quickly developed and deployed. They are using Wavemaker, a low-code software development platform.

Millions of programmers use the well-known open-source Liferay project, on which the Wavemaker platform is based. Therefore, there are low-code application development platforms in the world, at least Wavemaker. It enables businesses to create and implement reducing apps with a minimum of code.

Purpose-built for Dev teams to Use Wavemaker Low Code Platform:

The first low-code software development Wavemaker Low code platform in the world, Wavemaker, makes it simpler for developers to construct and deploy their apps. Additionally, you can quickly link your app with other systems and services thanks to our extensive API.

From the ground up, WaveMaker has been designed to provide developers with the tools they need to create, test, and launch expertise in digital experiences.

Open, always-updated tech stack

Reduce technical debt with a constantly updated, open standards-based tech stack. You can maintain your apps engaging and safe from possible risks.

Freedom of custom coding

Empower developers with additional software to handle difficult and edge situations using a code-behind technique that generates genuine editable code.

Enhanced collaboration

To publish and discuss artifacts with your team, utilize ingrained VCS control. They are branching compatibility for hotfixes and an integrated interactive environment.

Component-driven development

Build visually with unique or before components that can be put together quickly and easily by drag and drop to produce new experiences.

Developer productivity suite

Take benefit of the built-in features, like the Intellisense editor, API mocks, 1-click preview, automated testing, inspection frameworks, and debugger.

1-click deployment

With just one click on Wavemaker Low code platform, deploy Maven-compliant programs to the cloud provider of your choosing without having to deal with CI/CD setup difficulties.


Although Wavemaker Low code platform is the most cost-effective choice, it does not have as many parts as the other two. One of most features is offered by Mendix, which is also the most costly of the three. Some low-code substitutes are making use of Mendix, Outsystems, and WaveMaker. It is crucial for making an informed choice. When choosing one of these platforms, it’s crucial to take into consideration each one’s own set of characteristics.if you want to know about RAD-Rapid application development platform or Compare Low code platform alternatives – Mendix vs outsystems vs powerapps vs Wavemaker and Enterprise Low code application development platform Feel free to contact Wavemaker

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