What Is Companion Care For Seniors?

What Does Companion Care Really Mean? - Companions For Seniors

When people get old, their body weakens and the activities they can do are limited. Most old people are not comfortable staying in nursing homes. Good for them because companion care for seniors is now open. This has given job opportunities to qualified applicants to work as sitters and companions. Find out the benefits of sitter and companion care services for senior citizens and learn more about What Is Companion Care For Seniors?

What Does An Elderly Companion Do?

There are several types of care that elderly companions can do for their clients and these are as follows:

Home Care

Not all old people want to be moved to a nursing home. Some may prefer staying in their own homes and enjoying their life there. Sitters act as personal assistants to seniors at their homes since their movements are limited already. It would be helpful if someone could maintain their homes for them and still make them safe and clean for them to live in. 

Companion Care 

Old people are often left alone and having someone whom they can talk to and accompany them would be good. Caregivers can also do errands by picking up medications, groceries, and other stuff. Going around town is hard for older people. Having someone to take these duties for them would be of big help. Companion care also includes reminding them of their medication, preparing proper meals, and light housekeeping duties. 

Personal Care 

There are old people who are not capable of doing their routines anymore. In this situation, personal care caregivers can extend their duties to dressing, bathing, and assisting their clients in doing their body care activities throughout the day. Caregivers should be skilled enough to be able to do the routine and be able to make their clients comfortable. 

Respite Care 

Respite care is a short-term caregiver duty. The main purpose of this is to give some time off to family caregivers. Caregivers deserve a break too, so they can avoid burnout and be able to refresh themselves. They don’t have to worry about their clients since they know that their temporary replacement will be able to perform the task they left behind. 

How Do Seniors Find Live Companions?

Seniors can contact the in-home care that is nearest to their place and set an appointment. Family members can be the ones to attend the first consultation, so they can pick the right caregiver for their parents or older family members. Consultations are done to be able to evaluate the needs of the patient before finalizing the schedule and assignments of caregivers. 

What to Look for in Companion Care For Seniors?

Services Offered

Check what services are covered, in that way, you can choose a package that would definitely cover all the needs of your senior. Ask them about the medical services included in their services, especially if your senior has a condition that needs to be monitored or medication that needs to be taken on schedule. 


Find out about the cost of the in-home care you will be availing as well as the mode of payments. So, you can adjust your finances. Also, ask if deposits are needed and additional costs if services are not included in the package you applied for. Transparency will be best when it comes to the fees you will be paying. 


Know the schedule of the caregiver, make sure that it matches the time that the senior needs their assistance. Or some may be able to render 24/7 services just to make the proper arrangement with them. 

Now that you have insights on: What is companion care for seniors? You can now find someone to look after your parents while you are there working. They surely understand your situation, especially if you are the only breadwinner of your family and have to work. Getting someone who is professional enough to assist your parents will give you peace of mind when you are away. They are trained to do their best in giving the care seniors need. Some are even medically trained to handle patients who have special conditions. They can be the best alternative to bringing your parents to the nursing home.